About Numetric GmbH

Numetric GmbH is a small limited liability consulting company, providing pharmacometric data analysis services to the global pharmaceutical industry.

Some history

Numetric GmbH was formed in Switzerland in 2015 by Justin Wilkins after he left SGS Exprimo. This first iteration of Numetric was a founder member of the Occams cooperative, and together with Occams BV (run by Rik Schoemaker and based in The Netherlands), Wade Solutions (run by Janet Wade in Sweden) and Winkmetrix GmbH (run by Julia Winkler and based in Germany), provided pharmacometric data analysis services to the pharmaceuticals industry under the Occams banner.

In 2019, Dr Wilkins and his family moved to Germany, and Numetric GmbH (Switzerland) was liquidated. The current version of Numetric GmbH was started at the same time as a German company, and replaced the Swiss version as a member of Occams. (Complicated, I know, but migrating the original version of the company across an EU border turned out to be even more so.)

Overview and contact details

Numetric GmbH has two employees.

Justin Wilkins, PhD Owner and CEO
Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Wilkins Senior Scientist (20%)

Numetric GmbH
Kirchnerstr. 22
59457 Werl

Tel +49 2922 927 8843

Figure 1: Buederich, Germany


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